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Despite its remarkable panoramas, Oman is often forgotten in favor of its more glamorous Arabian cousin Dubai; however, a visit here reveals vast mountain ranges, calming coastlines and a sun-drenched desert.

Activity: Make the most of Oman’s beautiful scenery on a multi-center trip focused around craggy canyon views, beach lounging and an evening desert experience.



With a population of only 10m, some might think Jordan has little to offer as a travel destination. However, travelers who come will delight at the beauty on offer and leave feeling touched by the generosity of its people. From stunning natural landscapes to world-renowned historical and religious sites. Jordan is a part of the Middle East waiting to be discovered. Here are the top reasons you should visit this country at least once in your life.



Corsica – France’s ‘Isle of Beauty’ may be small but makes an impact, home to the Mediterranean light that sparked Henri Matisse’s passion for color, this is an island that’s sure to mesmerize you from start to finish.

Activity. In the July heat, a slow stroll through Boniface to experience the Italian feel that permeates the south of the island. Have lunch in one of the many rustic cafes and hike up to the citadel for panoramic views.

Tip: The best way to experience the bold and varying Corsican landscape is on a helicopter transfer that flies over its verdant valleys and dramatic shorelines.



The labyrinthine streets and grand piazzas of Venice retain their charm in the cooler winter months, so take the opportunity to explore one of Italy’s most famous cities without the summer crowds.

Activity. A visit to Venice during February means one thing: Carnival. Marvel at locals lining the streets in their renaissance costumes before indulging in the true hedonism of the festival at a private masquerade ball.

Tip: For an authentic taste of Venice dine at Hostaria Da Franz as the menu changes daily, your waiter will recite the days choices to you along with suggested wine pairings for each course.



A deeply spiritual and peaceful country, Sri Lanka is characterized by its kind locals, verdant landscapes and delicate citadels expect to pass elephants roaming freely as you walk to one of the many tropical beaches that Iine its coastline

Activity: Sri Lanka’s colonial history transforms it into more than just another beach holiday, for a glimpse into the past, visit the ruins of 17th century Dutch cinnamon trading port of Negombo.

Tip: A trip to Sri Lanka wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Ceylon Tea Trails in Hatton Stay in one of five colonial homes with views that lock out across at the country’s natural wonders while learning about the history of surrounding tea plantations.



A cluster of islands in the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are designed for off-grid leisure time with most resorts having their own island and distinct style it is easy to choose a secluded beach holiday suited to your tastes.

Activity There are few places with water as bright and clear as the Maldives, take advantage of the conditions snorkeling amongst reefs and plant your own coral as part of local conservation projects.

Tip Extend your visit to the Maldives with an Arabian stopover in Dubai or Oman, experience the natural and cultural wonders of these mystical countries before heading on to the calm of an island in the Indian Ocean.



One of our favorite spots in the Indian Ocean, a Seychelles holiday centers on remote relaxation. With some islands scattered thousands of miles from anywhere, you have no choice but to let go of your stresses and embrace island life.

Activity: To maximize your castaway experience stay on a private island in the Seychelles, with just a handful of cottages scattered throughout lush vegetation this is a secluded beach holiday at its most luxurious.

Tip: The Seychelles islands are home to some of the most diverse wildlife in the region, keep a look out for giant tortoises and tropical birds on the beaches and schools of rainbow fish darting below the water.



A vibrant playground, Mexico’s archaeological sites, classical guitar music and fresh zesty flavors ignite all of your senses. Divide your time between marveling at Mayan ruins and chilling on one of its secluded beaches

Activity: Visit Puebla to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, watch the parade through its colorful historical center whilst sampling local specialties doused in the city’s signature sauce, mole poblano.

Tip: Take the chance to swim in one of the country’s many natural cenotes. these mystical limestone coves hide mineral-rich turquoise pools that offer an inviting respite from the heat.



For the quintessential summer holiday experience Florida is the US state to visit. From the glamour of Miami Beach to the exhilaration of Orlando’s theme parks. the sunshine state is all about playing host to family fun

Activity. If you’re coming to Florida with children, there’s no doubt Wait Disney World Resort is at the top of your places to visit list; little ones will love meeting their favorite characters while the older can enjoy the rush of rollercoasters.